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Inspired by stem cells: fresh support for research from medical student's initiative

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

University student Mia Collins demonstrates her appreciation for the importance of medical research with her social enterprise, The Stem Shelves Club

As a second year student in Health Sciences at the University of Auckland, Mia Collins has learned of the importance of research to health care.

She hopes to enter medical school through the postgraduate route.

"The Stem Shelves Club is a small account/business that I've decided to run alongside my studies, and with every plant I sell, I donate 20% of the profits."

Research is a key factor when it comes to medicine because it helps discover new cures, preventions as well as understand why there are major public health issues.

By selling plants propagated from cuttings, Mia has found a personally meaningful way for her hobby to support her favourite causes.

"We can't wait to see how this grows."

Join Mia on social media to learn more about how you can help support her and medical research.

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