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Here at Auckland Medical Research Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting medical research within New Zealand. Our key focus is to financially support medical researchers and their projects led out of the greater Auckland region, assist in furthering their international collaborations and gaining invaluable off-shore knowledge along with repatriating our kiwi medical researchers, scientists and doctors back to New Zealand. We do this through the use of project grants, fellowships, scholarships, travel grants and more, made possible by the generosity of our benefactors and donors.

What we do at AMRF

Our donors supports research across the full spectrum of medical and health sciences.

Our selection standards have been uniformly high ever since 1955 thanks to the highly qualified and experienced clinicians and scientists who have donated their time to serve on our Medical Committee.

While many researchers receive government funding for their work, it is never sufficient. Without additional support from within the community, the majority of research would not progress beyond the initial investigation stage.


Currently, we are only able to fund approximately 20% of the grant applications we receive.


The relationships we build with individuals and organisations are vital to be able to grow the proportion of research we are able to fund in the future.


Please join us in our mission to provide funding to keep our very talented  researchers working at home here  in New Zealand and to attract those overseas to come back.

Many medical scientists who received AMRF funding in the early parts of their careers have subsequently gone on to establish international careers and be recognised with distinguished awards in New Zealand. These include:

Prof Innes Asher   

Respiratory Paediatrics

Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Prof Garth Cooper

Molecular Endocrinology

Prof John Fraser


Prof Sir Peter Gluckman

Paediatric Medicine

Prof Jane Harding


Prof Kaye Ibbertson


Prof Sir Graham Liggins

Paediatric Medicine

Prof Robyn North


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