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What we do

Our timeless mission started back in 1955 and to this day “funding world-class research that provides genuine advances in medical and health science” remains our steadfast purpose.

Our donors help us to fund researchers to do what they do best – medical research!

Our commitment is to support medical researchers in their vital work and this comes in all shapes and sizes.  

We provide funding for specific research projects across the spectrum of medical and health science.

We provide grants for researchers to attend conferences (virtually or in-person) and build local, national and international collaborations.

We award doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships for our young and upcoming researchers and also provide repatriation fellowships to ensure the best of our research talent returns to our homeland.

Our donors help us to find solutions

Our donors tell us they love the fact 100% of their donation goes directly into finding solutions to treat and prevent all sorts of diseases, conditions and disorders.

It is important to give our donors the highest level of confidence in our research funding process and that is why our selection standards have been gold standard ever since our inception. We cannot thank the highly qualified and experienced clinicians and scientists enough for the gift of their time to serve on our Medical Committee.

While many researchers receive government funding for their work, we know it is never sufficient. Our support provides vital seed funding to ensure research is not only started but is able to progress beyond just the initial investigation stage.


Please join us in our mission to fund researchers who are making a life-changing difference to the health of all New Zealanders.

Many medical scientists who received AMRF funding in the early parts of their careers have subsequently gone on to establish international careers and be recognised with distinguished awards in New Zealand. These include:

Prof Innes Asher   

Respiratory Paediatrics

Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Prof Garth Cooper

Molecular Endocrinology

Prof John Fraser


Prof Sir Peter Gluckman

Paediatric Medicine

Distinguished Prof Dame
Jane Harding


Prof Kaye Ibbertson


Prof Sir Graham Liggins

Paediatric Medicine

Prof Robyn North


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