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How donations are used

Here at Auckland Medical Research Foundation we are unique – unique in that all of our operating and administration costs are covered by a separate charitable fund.


What does this mean for you?


This means that every single cent of your donation goes directly into the reason you joined with us – to make a difference in the lives of others! 


100% of your donation goes into the heartland of medical research.


100% of your donation funds hope to find new cures, helps to ease the pain of those with terminal conditions and provides more effective treatments for people living with all types of medical diseases and conditions. ​

Your donation will fund researchers working across the spectrum of medical and health science, from our immensely talented young scientists just starting out,through to those at the break-through stages of their career. 


Your donation supports the highest quality medical research.

At the heart of our funding excellence is our Medical Committee, a panel of internationally recognised independent clinicians and scientists who rigorously evaluate all research applications. 

All of our funding is contestable - from clinical trials and improving patient outcomes right through to blue sky research – and you can be assured your donation will be supporting research of the highest quality.


​Support from people like you has helped to kick-start the careers of New Zealanders who have gone on to be recognised as world-class leaders in research.  Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Professor Sir Graham Liggins, Dr Shirley Tonkin, and Distinguished Professor Dame Jane Harding are just a few of those great scientists.

There is growing demand for medical research funding.

Just like the demand for new cures and more effective treatments is increasing, so too is the demand for medical research funding.  Every year the requests to fund medical research projects, travel grants, doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships outstrips the funding we have available. ​


On behalf of our researchers who will receive your support, thank you for your help in growing the critical funding required for the future of all our health – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Awarded Grants

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