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How to apply


Each year the Foundation provides funding to support medical research projects for a duration of up to two years and a maximum of $180,000. The Foundation is committed to funding excellence and has an established policy of supporting emerging researchers.

Douglas Goodfellow Repatriation Fellowship

The Douglas Goodfellow Repatriation Fellowship is a special award to facilitate the return to New Zealand of mid-career medical researchers of outstanding potential to expand the scale and scope of New Zealand medical research. Fellows will be expected to carry out research at the highest level.


The Postdoctoral Fellowships provide two years support for outstanding science or medical graduates with New Zealand residency, permanent residency or citizenship who hold a doctoral degree of not more than five years standing at the time of initiating the Fellowship, irrespective of the University from which their PhD was conferred.

Two named Fellowships provide support for science or medical graduates who wish to undertake full-time medical research for a PhD or MD. These are the Ruth Spencer and the Douglas Goodfellow Medical Research Fellowships. Applications will be called for when each Fellowship falls vacant, usually one every three years.

We also provide a third named Fellowship to support a science or medical graduate who wish to undertake full-time medical research for a PhD in the field of melanoma or other skin cancers. This is called the JI Sutherland Medical Research Fellowship. Applications will be called for when the Fellowship falls vacant, usually every three years.


Doctoral scholarships

The Foundation offers Doctoral Scholarships each year to students with New Zealand residency, permanent residency or citizenship enrolled or enrolling for a PhD, MD or for a Master’s degree in biomedical, clinical or population health research. The research topic must be relevant to medicine or health and the applicant’s academic record will be taken into account by the Medical Committee.

Travelling fellowships

The Foundation offers a Travelling Fellowship - the Gavin and Ann Kellaway Medical Research Fellowship. This Fellowship is for the support of senior medically qualified, or established medical research persons, who would gain value from further study abroad, or in furthering their research expertise and knowledge at an approved overseas research institution.


Travel grants provide support for medical researchers who wish to present their research at a meeting or conference. Funds may also be provided to support a training course on research methods and/or for visiting a laboratory to learn a new research technique.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Auckland Medical Research Foundation will only accept applications for this grant type if the NZ government conditions are met for safe travel to and from this/these destination(s). For information, please refer to In addition to this, you must provide evidence from your host institution that they allow such travel.

Other funds and awards

The Sir Douglas Robb Memorial Fund is for the support of small projects which would normally have a medical background, but which need not be strictly “medical research”. For example, the fund has been used to enhance medical libraries, to fund overseas speakers at medical conferences, and to assist in publication of papers relating to medical research.

The Sir Harcourt Caughey Award provides funds up to $25,000 for recipients who may (i) be a graduate of New Zealand who, having trained in research overseas, is returning to New Zealand to a part-time appointment in Auckland and who has sufficient experience in research to deserve part-time support (or similar to a part-time Senior Research Fellowship) in such research; or (ii) be a New Zealand medical graduate in Auckland who is deserving of assistance to train in a specific field overseas and to undertake research in that area, especially where there is a local deficiency in expertise in that field; or (iii) be sufficiently prestigious in a particular field of medical knowledge and/or research to visit Auckland, normally for 3-4 weeks, to foster interest and research in that specialty.

Check back regularly for updated applications and guidelines.

Guidelines for applicants

Guidelines for each of the grant types are available at this link.

Help with grant writing

The AMRF has compiled a number of grant writing resources that will help get you started on, or refresh your approach to, grant writing.

Applications can be made through the Auckland Medical Research Foundation’s online portal.
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