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Scholarships and Fellowships help start researchers off strongly

Young and early career researchers were just some of those fêted at the recent AMRF Research Awards event.

AMRF research award winners post together between AMRF banners after receiving their certificates

As part of the over 60 awards made in 2020 for more than $4.5 million in charitable funding to researchers and research groups across the spectrum of health and medical sciences, here we highlight for special appreciation the recipients of scholarships and fellowships in 2020.

These scholars and fellows are at a critical stage of career growth and scientific discovery. They are the future of medical research.

"The generous support of this Auckland Medical Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship will provide essential funding to support me to progress from an early career researcher to an independent clinical academic. This involves continuing to grow into leading our internationally recognised work." - Dr Marie-Claire Smith

2020 Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Marie-Claire Smith, Department of Medicine, The University of Auckland (left, top image)

"TWIST 3: Validation of the Time to Walking Independently after Stroke Tool"

Dr Nikki Earle, Department of Medicine, The University of Auckland (left, middle image)

Douglas Goodfellow Postdoctoral Fellowship

"Multi-omics for ACS: Multi-omics and biomarkers to personalise risk prediction and therapy in acute coronary syndromes"

Dr William Schierding, The Liggins Institute (left, lower image)

Douglas Goodfellow Postdoctoral Fellowship

"3D genome dysregulation: Systematic interpretation of noncoding regulatory (enhancer) mutations driving cancer onset, progression, and treatment"

"I'm extremely grateful to the charitable donors who have made this work possible and I hope they, and their loved ones will benefit from my work." - Dr Tim Angeli, 2016 Fellowship recipient

2020 Doctoral Scholars

Ms Sarah Kember, Department of Psychology, Massey University (left, top image)

"Maternal mental health and vaccination behaviours in Aotearoa: Population immunity in Aotearoa, the relationship between perinatal psychological distress and vaccination behaviour"

Dr Robyn May, Auckland Bioengineering Institute (left, middle image)

"In the search of vascular culprits: a computational model of the cardiovascular system for newborns and their developmental prognosis"

Mr Conor Nelson, Department of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology & Centre for Brain Research, The University of Auckland (left, lower image)

"An immunotherapeutic approach to treating cognitive decline in ageing: Anti-GluN1 antibodies as a novel prophylactic therapeutic approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline"


Congratulations to all the recipients of AMRF research funding in 2020 and thank you to the donors who make this possible.

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