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Update! Whitu, well-being intervention for teens: Publication

Researchers in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland have published results from the pilot study of the Whitu app, a mobile phone app aimed at providing young New Zealanders with tools to help them improve well-being, reduce anxiety and depression and deal with the Covid-19 pandemic

Participants in the pilot study demonstrated within-group improvements over time in wellbeing, depression, stress and anxiety at the 6-week follow-up. Whitu (meaning 7 in Te Reo) has also recently been evaluated in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) with the manuscript submitted to a medical journal.

Screen shots from the Whitu app

Co-lead researcher Dr Anna Serlachius says, "With the promising findings from the pilot and RCT, we are increasingly focused on dissemination. There has been growing interest from healthcare professionals and those working with young people to promote the app and we hope that Whitu can be another tool to support young New Zealanders during the pandemic."

Together with co-lead researcher Dr Hiran Thabrew and their collaborators she says,

Our future endeavours include adapting the app to use with younger high school students and youth living with diabetes.

"As always, our team are incredibly grateful to AMRF for your support with this project."

Download PDF • 865KB

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