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Video: At the Heart of Medical Research

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Heart health is important for all of us. From atrial fibrillation to hypertension (high blood pressure) you or someone you know has been affected by heart disease.

In this video, learn more from experts funded by generous donors to the Auckland Medical Research Foundation who talk about the latest advancements in heart health research and where cardiovascular science is headed in the future.

A/Prof Johanna Montgomery from Dept. of Physiology at the University of Auckland describes “Little brains”, brain cells on the heart’s surface. Understanding how they work may lead to reducing a prevalence of stroke and dementia.

Professor Julian Patton in the Dept. of Physiology at the University of Auckland says one in three New Zealanders have high blood pressure, which can cause stroke, kidney and heart failure. Why do people become hypertensive & what research is key to help stop it?

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