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Are you curious about hearing loss research?

1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by hearing loss. That's 1 in every 6 New Zealanders. And for some, the loss can happen almost overnight. Are you curious to learn more about what can be done to treat hearing loss, or even prevent it?

For those facing challenges with hearing health, everyday conversations can present just one of many challenges. And what's more, there's a growing body of evidence linking hearing loss to the development of serious conditions and diseases including walking difficulties, falls and increased risk of dementia. 

Understanding the significant impact that hearing loss can have on people of all ages is critical. Thanks to the generosity of AMRF supporters, incredibly talented researchers like Professor Peter Thorne and Dr Haruna Suzuki-Kerr are able dedicate their days to identifying the many causes of hearing loss and searching for more effective treatments. 

To view Prof Thorne and Dr Suzuki-Kerr's latest update on their ground-breaking work, watch their insightful webinar, and catch-up on how the latest technology really can get inside your head. The video comes complete with captions and is here on our AMRF YouTube channel.

It's also been said that "the most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears!"  

Have you ever paused to consider how many people are going to battle for you and your ear health every day? The answer is many, many thousands and amongst those warriors are Prof Thorne and Dr Suzuki-Kerr's and their teams, with over 20 research warriors on a mission to uncover life-changing solutions for hearing loss. 

It's worth saying again and again: research like this just simply wouldn't be possible without the wonderful support of donors like you. 

Over the past 13 years, donors have played a pivotal role in contributing to the $1.3 million of funding awarded to critical hearing health projects that Prof Thorne and Dr Suzuki-Kerr have worked on. Whether as Principal Investigators or as integral members of the research team, donor support of Prof Thorne and Dr Suzuki-Kerr's work has helped to make a profound impact. 

Thank you for helping them to find solutions to treat hearing loss or even prevent it in the first place and as they continue in their unrelenting quest for advancements in hearing health, your generosity can make an even greater difference.

Donate now to help researchers make a difference for everyday people. All donations, large or small, are always welcome.


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