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VIDEO: Stroke patients saved by clot removal surgery

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Stroke sufferers have new hope with a successful clot retrieval technique being pioneered around New Zealand. Professor Alan Barber at the University of Auckland and colleagues at hospitals in the main centres are performing this technique to save lives and reduce the need for rehabilitation.

Professor Barber’s research into ischaemic stroke, and development of this technique in particular, will make a big impact on the health of thousands of patients in New Zealand and worldwide, by more quickly removing blockages in the brain’s blood vessels, thus reducing damage to brain tissue and saving valuable neurons. Each successful procedure can reduce the clot’s oxygen-depriving impact on the brain, improve a patient’s recovery from stroke and save thousands in dollars and days of hospital care and rehabilitation.

Hear from the researchers and surgeons and watch how the procedure removes the clot in the recording of this recent free event, “Heart Attacks and Stroke: Getting the Blood Flowing Again“.

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