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High impact investment in our next generation of medical researchers

One philanthropist is creating a deep connection with early career medical researchers and young scientists through her scholarship support.

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In this edition, we highlight Helen Goodwin's dedication to medical researchers by establishing the doctoral scholarship programme bearing her name through her Gooduck Charitable Trust. The impact of these awards is extremely high and comes at a critical career stage.

We also showcase several researchers who are making strides in a variety of disciplines:

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  • Melody Kim has faced hardship head-on, with her unyielding pursuit of a career in youth mental health research rewarded with an AMRF Scholarship.

  • Luca Vinnell's interest in the complexity of the brain has led him to a career investigating immune cells effects in Parkinson's disease.

  • Sryana Sukhdev's personal experiences with stroke inspired her to work to revolutionise stroke treatment and

Have your explored our web page to find out more about how you can contribute to medical research, like neuroscience, heart health, cancer, prenatal development and more?

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2024-06 AMRF Newsletter
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