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Online event – watch free online 7 April 2020 7 pm

  • Curious how a single brain donation is set to change disease diagnosis?
    Curious how a single brain donation is set to change disease diagnosis?
    Wed, 19 Jun
    View on AMRF's website - RSVP for link
    19 Jun 2024, 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm NZST
    View on AMRF's website - RSVP for link
    Are you curious about how one brain donation led to better understanding of one family's genetic disorder leading to dementia? Join us for this NZ Frontotemporal Dementia research update.

Dr Emma Nolan is an internationally trained cancer biologist who has helped to discover potential preventative medication to combat breast cancer caused by the BRCA1 mutation, and also identified a special type of immune cell that supports the growth of breast cancer within tumours. 

Emma has returned to New Zealand upon receiving an AMRF Douglas Goodfellow Repatriation Fellowship to support her in establishing her own research laboratory. She will collect breast cancer samples from New Zealand women and investigate the link between breast cancer and obesity.

By creating a bank of tumour organoids using technology and skills gained overseas, Emma will provide access to a new tool for cancer researchers all across New Zealand. 

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Who is AMRF and what do we do?

AMRF was established in 1955, and in its 65 years has invested more than $80 million into a wide range of medical research. An endowment funds all of AMRF’s administration costs, enabling 100% of donations to go directly to medical and health research.

AMRF’s key focus is to financially support medical researchers and their projects led out of the greater Auckland region, assist in furthering their international collaborations and gaining invaluable off-shore knowledge along with repatriating  medical researchers and scientists back to New Zealand. 

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