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AMRF have pledged $500,000 for immediate COVID-19 related medical research.

The Auckland Medical Research Foundation have made available an urgent, fast-tracked fund specifically for COVID-19 medical research. Responding to a surge in demand for research funding and a clear urgency in the need for research in this topic, we have applied the same urgency to complete our application and review process for awarding funds at an accelerated pace. We understand exactly how vital it is that this research begins within a very short time frame, providing the quickest possible response to the unprecedented need during this pandemic.

To learn more about the need for COVID-19 related funding and our part in the provision of this vital support, click here to read an excellent recent news article on the subject of Covid-19 research funds.

Our Covid-19 Research Fund Recipents:
What does the funding cover?

Open to researchers whose principal investigators are based in the Auckland/ Northland region, AMRF has granted up to a maximum of $100,000 for each research project, from an initial investment of $500,000.


This is over and above the Foundation’s average of more than $3.5 million – granted annually for a wide range of medical research each year – including dementia, cancers, stroke treatments, antibiotic development, heart health and youth mental health.

The fund focuses solely on biomedical, clinical and population-health research, specifically investigating COVID-19, its impact and outcomes. Our aim is to fund a wide range of research covering focus areas such as bio-medical studies and identifying new treatments through to studies exploring the societal impacts of the lockdown.

Why is it important?

Our reasoning is simple. If we don’t gather the data about what we are learning during this pandemic, we are doomed to be no further ahead next time, and the experts are all saying there will be a next time. COVID-19 – like the flu, may never be truly eradicated, and there may be other world-wide pandemics in our future. The lessons we learn from this will be applicable to the next one, and it is vital that we ensure that this information is there when we need it. While researchers around the globe are working towards a cure for the virus, AMRF are providing funding to a wide range of applications, looking not only at prevention and treatment strategies but also at isolation measures and impacts, including recuperation and anxiety as well as research projects focused on gathering large datasets in population health.  

How do I help?

With a high demand for research grants and our current fund only able to support a small percentage of the huge number of applications we receive, further funding is crucial to ensure that potentially vital research is able to go ahead.


Please donate today using the form linked below and help us to support ground-breaking research taking place right here by our nations most highly skilled medical researchers. You can also sign up at the link below to stay up to date with our latest research through our newsletters.

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Who is AMRF and what do you do?

AMRF was established in 1955, and in its 65 years has invested more than $80 million into a wide range of medical research. An endowment funds all of AMRF’s administration costs, enabling 100% of donations to go directly to medical and health research.

AMRF’s key focus is to financially support medical researchers and their projects led out of the greater Auckland region, assist in furthering their international collaborations and gaining invaluable off-shore knowledge along with repatriating  medical researchers and scientists back to New Zealand. 

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