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  • Researchers making strides in stroke, vaccine hesitancy

    Read more now in the latest AMRF Newsletter. Read about the latest research and the researchers supported by donors like you including: Research with stroke patients to improve rehabilitation and recovery, sometimes using robots Young and emerging scholarship and fellowship recipients working across the spectrum of health research Emerging researchers in dementia and Parkinson's discuss their career prospects New work looking into the relationship between vaccine hesitancy and maternal health Click below to view and download the PDF newsletter

  • Men's health month: Prostate cancer research

    Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy diagnosed in New Zealand men. Ethnic disparities in outcomes are well documented for prostate cancer, and despite the fact that Māori The New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH) published guidelines for prostate cancer management in September "I'm developing a New Zealand-specific prostate cancer risk calculator, which accounts for the ethnic this is frequently a manageable cancer, with timely diagnosis.

  • Legacy is... medical research now

    video from A/Prof Jane Alsweiler about a $2 treatment that can save babies' brains Click to learn about cancer

  • Melanoma Awareness Week: Uniting biology and engineering for better treatment of melanoma patients

    study will focus on the analysis of a newly discovered signal in the blood that could be used early in cancer "As we know for all cancer treatments, there can be significant side effects from immunotherapy and so Blenkiron is in the process of establishing her new cancer biology laboratory, focusing on the analysis our days developing new tools that could one day be used to improve the lives of people undergoing cancer Read more about Dr Blenkiron's AMRF funded skin cancer research here.

  • Scholarships and Fellowships help start researchers off strongly

    genome dysregulation: Systematic interpretation of noncoding regulatory (enhancer) mutations driving cancer

  • AMRF pledges $500,000 for immediate projects

    $3.5 million – granted annually for a wide range of medical research each year – including dementia, cancers

  • Striving to Improve Cancer Treatment

    The first question people ask when given the news that they have cancer is usually “how long have I got If they have a GBM brain cancer the answer can be even more devastating. Having seen her aunt’s battle with cancer rob her of her quality of life in just a few months after detection This is quite rapid compared to a lot of other types of cancers,” Zoe reveals.

  • AMRF Newsletter - Spring 2019

    In this issue you’ll see research highlights including: Cancer researcher Dr Chang Ho Yoon and the work

  • Could a simple supplement help delay osteoporosis?

    As a result, osteoporosis causes the loss of more disability-adjusted life years than any type of cancer , other than lung cancer.

  • AMRF Newsletter - Autumn 2019

    Gastroparesis, gastrointestinal disorders and endoscopic imaging; personalised medicine for breast cancer patients; dermatologist's up-skilling in skin cancer surgery for cutaneous lymphoma Click image below

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