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Calling all musical theatre enthusiasts! One night only...

Presenting A Night On Broadway: A Concert in support of Auckland Medical Research Foundation's work with brain cancer.

Emma's Story:

On January 24th 2022, Emma Cawood lost her father to glioblastoma. With a year left of high school, she turned to performing arts to work through her grief.

"Family has always been incredibly important to me. When my family decided to care for Dad until the end, we came together in a way I never thought possible. Mum remained my figure of strength throughout everything, and when she decided to raise money for this charity via a half marathon, I knew I needed to support her. However, I am far from a runner! Instead, the gift Mum and Dad gave me was love for the arts," she says.

This event honours the strength of my mother and father, the art form that continues to carry me through grief, and the others in our community who are fighting a similar story.

Many others in the arts community will share a similar story. She says this is why this concert is so important.

"The Arts is an act of human connection. And after his passing, arts was the one way I could be with my dad again. Brain cancer has destroyed so many families within our community. I am passionate about the power the arts community in Christchurch holds. I am organising an event where we can stand together and fight against such a life-altering disease."

100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the Auckland Medical Research Foundation, for their work on glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive brain cancers, with a shocking life expectancy.

For one night only! Join Emma and friends as they take you through the world of musical theatre, and raise money for a good cause at this evening showcase of some of Christchurch's finest performers.

Featuring Christchurch Musical Theatre Stars:

  • Amanda Atlas

  • Ali Harper

  • Jonathan Densem

  • Warwick Shillito

  • James Foster

  • Catherine Hay

  • Monique Clementson

  • Juliet Reynolds-Midgley

4 November 2023 7pm at The Charles Luney Auditorium Get your tickets now!


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