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  • Cardiovascular disease culprits: the search starts in childhood

    HealtheX, the annual forum and celebration of medical and health science student research successfully In an online format, HealtheX 2021 was as successful as ever and we congratulate the AMRF Outstanding True to form a virtual version of HealtheX 2021, the University of Auckland's main forum for medical and health science students to present their research was staged. At AMRF, we consider HealtheX to be an important incubator for up-and-coming researchers and so every

  • AMRF Newsletter - Spring 2020

    for treating drug resistant bacteria young and emerging researchers working across the spectrum of health research at the HealtheX awards Northland researchers and their impact on their community fertility

  • Including asthmatic children in their own health decisions

    postdoctoral role in the USA to take up an academic position in the Department of Social and Community Health Foundation, Dr Spray will establish a research programme investigating children’s participation in their health Convention on the Rights of the Child, advocating for greater inclusion of children's perspectives in health community relationships and networks that will be foundational to future research addressing children’s health

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  • Other Grants | Auckland Medical Research Foundation

    Trust UNDERSTANDING OBESITY'S HARMFUL EFFECTS ON TENDON HEALING IN A RAT ROTATOR CUFF TEAR MODEL 2020 Healthex Sisters Charitable Trust TONABERSAT IS NEUROPROTECTIVE AFTER HYPOXIA-ISCHAEMIA IN NEONATAL RATS 2020 Healthex AMRF Best Poster Presentation Award VALIDATING NEUROIMAGING TO DETECT NEUROINFLAMMATION IN VIVO 2020 Healthex Excellence Award THE ROLE OF HYALURONAN IN DEVELOPING HIPPOCAMPAL NEURONS 2019 Healthex Emerging Researcher 2019 Healthex Emerging Researcher Awards Miss Pania Bridge-Comer ($3,000 - 6719002) Liggins Institute

  • What We Fund | Auckland Medical Research Foundation

    What we fund Our purpose is timeless - to improve the health of all New Zealanders through funding the This funding support extends across the entire spectrum of medical and health science research. This ensures that our funding is used with maximum benefit to the New Zealand health system and to the the search starts in childhood 6 0 Post not marked as liked Including asthmatic children in their own health Post not marked as liked 1 Early-career award for emerging health sciences researcher 50 Post not marked

  • Covid Project Grants | Auckland Medical Research Foundation

    The fund focused solely on biomedical, clinical and population-health research, specifically investigating research each year – including dementia, cancers, stroke treatments, antibiotic development, heart health and youth mental health.​ ​ Auckland Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, young people in New Zealand experienced significant mental health , disrupted academic routines and financial insecurity are likely to exacerbate pre-existing mental health

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