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    ONLINE EVENT RESEARCHING THE LINK BETWEEN CANCER AND OBESITY Online event – watch free online 7 April 2020 7 pm No upcoming events at the moment Dr Emma Nolan is an internationally trained cancer biologist who has helped to discover potential preventative medication to combat breast cancer caused by the BRCA1 mutation, and also identified a special type of immune cell that supports the growth of breast cancer cancer and obesity. ​

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    memory Watch Now 6 July 22 The ageing brain: Early onset dementia Watch Now 7 Apr 22 Why high BMI fuels cancer growth Watch Now 13 Jul 21 The quest for improved cancer treatments Watch Now 14 Apr 21 Achieving independence

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    wish to undertake full-time medical research for a PhD or MD in the field of melanoma or other skin cancers CANCER-ADIPOCYTE CROSSTALK ($407,591 - 2 years) 1421001 2021 Dr Emma Nolan Auckland Cancer Society Research However, due to a lack of laboratory models that can successfully mimic the interaction between cancer growth, offering a specialised therapy for breast cancer patients at risk of adipose-mediated effects The Organoids are also themselves a valuable new tool for cancer researchers in New Zealand, and could

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    and breast cancer. Bowel cancer and lung cancer are the two highest causes of cancer death in New Zealand, with almost 3000 Bowel cancer is a major cause of cancer death in Aotearoa, accounting for approximately 1200 deaths each Cancer is a long-term disease. for cancer patients.

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    THE QUEST FOR IMPROVED CANCER TREATMENTS FROM LAB BENCH TO BEDSIDE TO BETTER CARE , AMRF recently hosted a free public lecture about how drugs and treatments reach the cancer patients who need them Learn more about cancer research Sign up for the latest news In New Zealand this year, around 21,000 people will be diagnosed with a serious cancer and around 8,000 of those will die from their disease within five In the last 40 year period across all cancers, the rates of long term cancer survival over ten years

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    It’s hard to imagine what our lives would be like without vaccinations, organ transplants, cancer treatments roller-coaster for the Elliot family, facing all of the physical, emotional and financial challenges that a cancer Care: Helping asthma patients breathing easier 144 0 Post not marked as liked The quest for improved cancer

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    I'm curious to see if we can improve outcomes for brain cancer patients The first question people ask when given the news that they have cancer is usually “how long have I got?”. If they have a GBM brain cancer the answer can be even more devastating. Having seen her aunt’s battle with cancer rob her of her quality of life in just a few months after detection This is quite rapid compared to a lot of other types of cancers,” Zoe reveals. ​

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    Tour Aotearoa for Cancer Research Cyclists spin their wheels to raise funds for cancer research AMRF friends, Tom Burgess and Chris Bird, know how it feels to lose loved family members to cancer. ​ “I’m pledging all funds raised to AMRF and the cancer research they enable. This includes audiology conditions, neurological issues such as dementia and Parkinson's disease, cancers

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    test determine if a cancer patient will respond to treatment? It’s been shown to work really well for lung cancer. ​ crossed its applicable to other cancers.” Ten per cent of all registered cancers each year are melanoma and it's the third most common cancer type The treatments re-awaken the body's immune system to then attack the cancer.

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    Artificial intelligence in Health Care: Helping asthma patients breathing easier The quest for improved cancer

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    Care: Helping asthma patients breathing easier 144 0 Post not marked as liked The quest for improved cancer

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    BEV OLSEN, CANCER PATIENT “As a Stage 4 Lung Cancer patient myself, the extra time (alongside superb