Prestigious cardiovascular publication for AMRF researchers

  • 26 Jun 2017

Dr David Crossman’s research team, including members from the Universities of Auckland, Exeter and Sydney as well as Yale University, is featured on the cover of the Oxford Academic journal Cardiovascular Research. With an impact factor of 5.9 and a featured editorial from one of the world’s leading experts in t-tubule remodelling in heart failure, the team’s new publication highlights the significant contribution these cellular nano-structures make to cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

The AMRF is pleased to support Dr Crossman’s research at the University of Auckland’s Department of Physiology.

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More about Dr Crossman, Senior Research Fellow:

My research is focused on understanding the organisation and the pathological remodelling of the macro-molecular complexes that regulate cardiac muscle cell contraction. A critical nano-structure in the control of contraction are the transverse tubules (‘t-tubules’), these tubular invaginations of the plasma membrane carry the cardiac action potential deep into myocytes where they trigger local influx of Ca2+ that synchronises a much larger global release of Ca2+ that initiates contraction. Disruption of these structures appears to explain the loss of contractility in the failing human heart.

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