VIDEO Free Public Lecture: Heart Attacks and Stroke: Getting the Blood Flowing Again

  • 01 Apr 2018

At the 2nd in our series of lectures celebrating the educational, medical and research successes over the past 50 years, 3 speakers from our partners, The University of Auckland and the Heart Foundation, talk about the revolutionary changes and improvements in heart attack and stroke treatments.

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About the talk: How do we treat heart attacks and stroke? In this public lecture, three of our experts will get to the heart of the matter.

Heart attacks and strokes are two of the major causes of death and disability in our community. Three of New Zealand’s pre-eminent experts in this area will describe how these diseases develop and how they contribute to ill-health.

  • Heart attacks and strokes – what they are and why they matter with Professor Rob Doughty, Heart Foundation Chair of Heart Health
  • Treatment of heart attacks by Associate Professor Gerry Devlin, Heart Foundation Medical Director
  • Pulling out clots to treat strokes from Professor Alan Barber, Deputy Director of the Centre for Brain Research
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