Our Medical Committee

Associate Professor Evelyn Sattlegger

  • 11 Jul 2015

MSc, PhD

Dr Sattlegger is currently a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at Massey University Auckland, and an Associate Investigator with the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery. Dr Sattlegger’s interest is in the molecular mechanisms underlying normal biological functions, how/why malfunction may lead to diseases or disorders, and how they could be prevented or treated.

Dr Sattlegger heads a research group focussed on deciphering the mechanism and function of signalling pathways relevant to human wellbeing.  Her research group utilises baker’s yeast and mammalian cell culture as models, and employs a large variety of techniques in the fields of molecular and cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. Dr Sattlegger is active in research and teaching, and is passionate about passing on her knowledge to the next generation of researchers.   Also, she advises on molecular biology techniques for usage in applied microbiology.   Sattlegger’s research so far has been funded by the AMRF, Bayer Pharma (Germany), HRC, Marsden Fund, Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust, and Nutricia Research Foundation (The Netherlands), and she is amongst the top publishers in her research field.

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