Our Medical Committee

Associate Professor Anthony Phillips

  • 23 Jan 2017

BSc (Victoria) MBChB (Otago), PhD (Auckland)

Anthony is an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and the Department of Surgery at the University of Auckland. Currently he is the Academic Leader for the Biomedical and Applied Biology (BMA) division in the School of Biological Sciences. He is also Director of the Applied Surgery and Metabolism Laboratory (ASML) in the Department of Surgery, a cross-faculty research laboratory and training environment that is specifically dedicated to supporting surgeon’s undertaking PhD studies in basic science. Anthony has previously worked for the Auckland Hospital Liver Transplant Service on its organ retrieval surgical team and as Medical Director for an international biotechnology company. He has published in the fields of wound healing, liver transplantation, acute pancreatitis, critical illness, lymphatic pathobiology, microbiology, and energy metabolism. In addition to these research interests he has experience in clinical trials and commercial drug development processes through his work within the biotechnology sector.

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Our Medical Committee
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