100% of all donations to AMRF are applied to medical research

  • 24 Jul 2017

The AMRF really is different from other charities.

100% of every donation supports medical research!

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How does it work?

Our administration expenses are met by a separate charitable fund. When you make a gift to research, your money supports research. We’re a registered charity (#CC22674) under the Charities Act 2005 so ask for tax advice to claim tax benefits for your donation.

Will my money support good work?

Every application for funds goes through a strict process of consideration of its medical and scientific importance by a committee of experienced researchers – professors, doctors and lecturers both in NZ and around the world. The decision to fund is not made lightly.

What’s AMRF’s role?

The AMRF started in 1955 and has a track record of supporting significant research that helps people live healthier lives. Watch a video about who and what we support:

Read more on selected topics:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Gastro-instestinal, abdominal and bowel surgery
  • Amblyopia or ‘lazy eye’
  • Keeping babies and pregnant women healthy
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